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Theater review: ‘ Cupid’s Arrow ’ tackles online dating sites during a pandemic

Theater review: ‘ Cupid’s Arrow ’ tackles online dating sites during a pandemic

Footlights Theatre in Falmouth reopens having a comedy that both details our health that is current crisis and offers rest from it.

Michael Tobin, whom plays Jimmie Tate, additionally directed and wrote“Cupid’s Arrow.” Picture due to Footlights Theatre

It is known this one associated with thrills of experiencing theater that is live in realizing that you may be breathing the exact same atmosphere due to the fact performers on phase. Presently, strenuous efforts needs to be designed to restrict that sharing. But the majority enthusiasts nevertheless aspire to retain some feeling of everyone else being together within the moment.


WHAT: “Cupid’s Arrow”

WHEREIN: The Footlights Theatre, 190 Route 1, Falmouth

EVALUATED: July 7; continues through Sept. 3

SEATS: $20

The Footlights Theatre at Falmouth has reopened after being closed for months as a result the COVID-19 pandemic in its intimate space, now reconfigured to resemble the set of some vintage theater of the absurd production. Reopening now represents an audacious move by Footlights Executive creative Director Michael J. Tobin. Broadway theaters will likely be closed for the others of 2020 and virtually all Maine movie movie theater companies would like to fall or later on to restart.

Tobin moved for some lengths to meet up state instructions and allay security issues for market people, actors and movie theater staff. He’s got paid off the sitting capability to accommodate just 25 people that are socially distanced set up two air purification systems and it is asking patrons to put on masks (putting away especially protected seats for individuals who cannot wear a mask for medical reasons). Beverage and restroom protocols are also instituted and regular cleansing regarding the facility that is entire guaranteed. Email address of site visitors can also be noted.

Probably the most striking part of come early july’s manufacturing, independent of the scattered seating, nevertheless, is the fact that plexiglass shields of this type discovered nowadays in the front of convenience store clerks that are most split up the actors through the market. The vigorously delivered discussion ended up being nevertheless effortlessly audible on starting night, however the shields did produce a distraction by showing the phase illumination back onto particular spots into the market area.

Leslie Chadbourne as Fannie Lou Harper in “Cupid’s Arrow” at Footlights Theatre.

“Cupid’s Arrow,” the 80-minute, one-act play presented (with two brief stay-in-your-seat pauses), is really a two-actor work written and directed by Tobin, whom additionally executes the part of Jimmie Tate opposite Leslie Chadbourne as Fannie Lou Harper. Neither performer wears a mask until they exit the stage finally.

Adjusted for the COVID age, the play might not express any such thing specially profound but has a brief, laugh-filled minute far from ideas concerning the microscopic elephant in the space.

The two figures, that are “people of age,” connect via a website that is dating Silver Southern Singles. Their on line conversations gradually lead up to no-contact very first date, but just asian online date after they’ve exchanged tons of corny jokes, dual entendres, scatological zingers and folksy witticisms.

Jokes about the pleasures of loose clothing, regular naps and achieving threesomes with Ben and Jerry fly by as Jimmie and Fannie recite what they’re typing to one another to their laptop computers. Intimate politics and nostalgic regrets create simply small sides while the divorced pub owner and widowed librarian start to allow their defenses down.

A duplicated device that is theatrical draft messages are inadvertently delivered as opposed to deleted effectively provides Tobin and Chadbourne possibilities to put in a layer or two with their characterizations. Both are adept at varying their shows simply enough to prevent the risk of a kind of spoken tennis match which may define this show easily. If they switch to Skype, things have quite a bit more animated, with costume modifications flash that is adding.

The set by Tobin effectively connotes everyday lives overrun by emotional memories. The play implies that away from such possibly lonely places love that is new nevertheless discover a way. Maybe Cupid’s arrows, dipped in a vaccine that is new will quickly unmask all of us to one another once more.


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